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Black faculty are racists against white people. They allow other people to suffer of white origin and allow black people to bully whites.

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SCAM!!!!!! WHATEVER YOU DO, AVOID THIS "SCHOOL" AT ALL COSTS! They are unprofessional. They over charge. And their degrees...WORTHLESS!!! I have had no less than 10 companies tell me the degree I had wasn't worth the paper it's printed on. This institution sucks in low income students with promises of job placement which it cannot back up. Please please please stay away! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!... Read more

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Just go to Home Depot, but yourself a toilet, go ahead and just flush your money down the drain. It will be easier and you will get the same result.

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I enrolled at Virginia College for cosmetology in January of 2013. It was the worst mistake I ever made! I wanted to better my life. I did everything I was supposed to. Always on time, rarely missing classes and always making hours up when I had to miss. Stayed on the president's list and dean's list. We weren't taught half of what we were supposed to cover. Makeup.... color pencils and a sheet with 4 faces on it. Nails? Basic manicures yes, but... Read more

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Avoid this place like the plague. They are very unethical and are quick to take your money. I am a graduate and regret every moment spent there.

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I have attend Virginia College in 2013 and now I am in 30,000 in debt with no degree............. I was told if I would like to reenter I would have to just through hoops and wish for the best of reentering... There is not a school near my area, which means the closest school to me is an hour or more away. So, I will have to travel over 2 hours a day to get to and from school. When, I attended this school I was working but had to stop attend... Read more

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I applied to have my degree paid for by Publix Supermarkets. I was taking Human Resources at Virginia College. Publix denied my request due to the fact that the school is not acredited.

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The day I enrolled in this college I enrolled with the prospects that I was going to change me and my family life and future. I have “2” degrees from this school since 2009-2011; my degrees are "worthless" I'm thousands of dollars in debt with the loans I had to take out. It's now 2016, I have NEVER!! Gotten a job in both my fields, through the years I have reached out to VC for help but I was only repeatedly told to continue to put in... Read more

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Hi this is omar manigo and i just started at yall wonderful school its nice there i like it a lot because its more hands on with the teachers.but recently my attendance was very good i only missed one are two days witch brings my attendance to a 95 94 95% yesterday i went on my portal and they got my attendance at a 60 60 78% this needs to be fix asap please or ima have no other choice but to cancel my classes next semester or this semester i... Read more

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The President of Virginia College in Greensboro is a racist. He treats black people unfairly. He can't manage his hair much less faculty. He lacks leadership skills. I would never go to school here. Instructors do not have proper documents to even be teaching. I would be more educated if a clown taught classes than at this joke of a college.

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