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I have attend Virginia College in 2013 and now I am in 30,000 in debt with no degree............. I was told if I would like to reenter I would have to just through hoops and wish for the best of reentering... There is not a school near my area, which means the closest school to me is an hour or more away. So, I will have to travel over 2 hours a day to get to and from school. When, I attended this school I was working but had to stop attend school due to this school make out each students schedule without them. One teacher was asked to step... Read more

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I applied to have my degree paid for by Publix Supermarkets. I was taking Human Resources at Virginia College. Publix denied my request due to the fact that the school is not acredited. Add comment

The day I enrolled in this college I enrolled with the prospects that I was going to change me and my family life and future. I have “2” degrees from this school since 2009-2011; my degrees are "worthless" I'm thousands of dollars in debt with the loans I had to take out. It's now 2016, I have NEVER!! Gotten a job in both my fields, through the years I have reached out to VC for help but I was only repeatedly told to continue to put in applications. So now that it’s 2016 they are saying “they can't help me anymore because I haven't been a... Read more

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Hi this is omar manigo and i just started at yall wonderful school its nice there i like it a lot because its more hands on with the teachers.but recently my attendance was very good i only missed one are two days witch brings my attendance to a 95 94 95% yesterday i went on my portal and they got my attendance at a 60 60 78% this needs to be fix asap please or ima have no other choice but to cancel my classes next semester or this semester i hate to do it but i will please please fix this asap. P.S Omar Manigo Read more

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The President of Virginia College in Greensboro is a racist. He treats black people unfairly. He can't manage his hair much less faculty. He lacks leadership skills. I would never go to school here. Instructors do not have proper documents to even be teaching. I would be more educated if a clown taught classes than at this joke of a college. Add comment

My name is Erika Carey and I attend VC in Birmingham, AL Cosmotolgy Program. I have been here since April 21, 2015 and expecting to graduate on May 2016 and this gave been there worst experience ever. I have not had nothing but one teacher the whole entire time, we never have the proper supplies needed for practice as a student and we don't have all the needs for the clients all the time neither. The teachers have meetings thru class times. I have been cheated out of my education and my money. I pay $20,000+ for a program that have only gave... Read more

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I started in 2013, the first few terms was actually okay. I ended up having to drop because of a car situation that came along. I came back had to fill out an appeal form, got put on probation, and that's when everything went down hill. i have had to repeat classes i cannot tell you how many times, even classes i have passed BARLEY but i passed. 2014 I sat in two classes Math in which they couldn't keep a teacher in there and ANP which I did NOT have a teacher for a MONTH! It was so bad everyone was dropping that was taking those classes. Well... Read more

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Yes, I totally agree this school is a bunch of cramp. One of the advisors, not calling no name but, when I was doing my extern and was offered a position she did nothing to assist me. She would not look into or attempt to contact the Dean to explain to her my situation. I was offered a position and was needing to start ASAP, it was the last week of schools which was finals. She refuse to go above and beyond to help me come up with a way that I could get the job and still finish my finals which I only had two and when I spoke with the... Read more

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A couple terms ago in the ma program three students got caught cheating on there finals by the teacher and program director nothing came of it the brushed it under the rug and thise people went on to finish up there degree. While others work hard and get no help from staff others can cheat and its ok Add comment

I graduated in 2013 and still I am unable to find a job in my field. Was promised alot if things I dedicated over 2 years at the careeer service with no help from the Career Service Reps. And when they did help they told me to put in for jobs that they had already told plenty of other medical assistants to put in. I would always hear Ms Montgomery on the phone telling other MA's to put in. I am so backed up on Student Loans now that i cant afford for a degree I cant use. It is now 2016 and I am still dedicated to finding a job in my field with... Read more

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