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When i signed up for Virginia College(online) i was excited due to the act My oldest was also attending and we would graduate together. half way through the program i was lost and needed help with my work. i would call the online instructors they helped but not much. I had heard about the hybrid program which is you take classes online and on campus. when i inquired i was told that i was half way through for me to continue forward... Read more

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I graduated in 2011 with A.S. Medical Office Management. What a waste of time and their tuition is very high. Haven't found a job in field yet! Now I'm in $63,000 worth of debt... for an Associate's degree! Career services do not help you find a job because I went to them repeatedly and they just sit on their butts all day. I remember one of my instructors did a commercial for Herzing! And that's crazy when you teach at Virginia College! All... Read more

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I graduated January 2014. I was told I would be getting a diploma. But received a certificate instead. Now I am more than $11,000 in student loans and can't even find a job in that field. Imagine that . I can not find a job in the food industry. Because my certificate is a worthless piece of paper that I could have printed off myself. This school preys on Low income people that want to better themselves by going back to school. Very few find... Read more

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They let 2 of my favorite teachers go and lied about the situation . This school is a complete joke . Over 5 employees have quit or got fired in the last month . They charge room and board on your aid . They are no longer paying for tests that you take to get certified . You pay over 30k to go to this school and you have to pay your own test fees ! Ridiculous ! The dean is so unprofessional . If you catch her on a bad day ? Watch out because she... Read more

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!!! I am not going to go into detail, as everyone that has reviewed this school already has, and every bad thing said is absolutely 100% true,but going to this school ruined my life. It put me in a ton of debt from their overpriced courses, and nobody wants to hire Virginia college students because it's such a *** school. Please I urge you, don't make the same mistake I did. DO NOT GO TO VIRGINIA COLLEGE!!!! Read more

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The campus at Knoxville is a joke . After enrolling I found out really quick how unethical this place was . Students getting ripped off on financial aid and they claim they are in the process of reevaluating it. There is still not a solution. The only 2 teachers I did like are treated unfairly and one quit due to it and I wouldn't blame the other one if she moved somewhere else . Gossip spreads like wildfire , it's worth than high school , staff... Read more

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Black faculty are racists against white people. They allow other people to suffer of white origin and allow black people to bully whites.

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SCAM!!!!!! WHATEVER YOU DO, AVOID THIS "SCHOOL" AT ALL COSTS! They are unprofessional. They over charge. And their degrees...WORTHLESS!!! I have had no less than 10 companies tell me the degree I had wasn't worth the paper it's printed on. This institution sucks in low income students with promises of job placement which it cannot back up. Please please please stay away! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!... Read more

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Just go to Home Depot, but yourself a toilet, go ahead and just flush your money down the drain. It will be easier and you will get the same result.

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I enrolled at Virginia College for cosmetology in January of 2013. It was the worst mistake I ever made! I wanted to better my life. I did everything I was supposed to. Always on time, rarely missing classes and always making hours up when I had to miss. Stayed on the president's list and dean's list. We weren't taught half of what we were supposed to cover. Makeup.... color pencils and a sheet with 4 faces on it. Nails? Basic manicures yes, but... Read more

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