I am a student at the VC in greensboro north carolina and this school is fraud. We are being charged for room and board and transportation and this school do not have none of those things listed.

Most of the Teachers here are horrible they either don't know how to teach the class or they lose your work. When alot of students went to financial aide to get a print out of what we are been charged piece by piece they said they didnt have that information avaiable. Me and some students have contacted the dean and she NEVER returns our calls or messages!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL IT IS FRAUD.

they take your money and give you the run around. they want even give us corporate information to talk to them...PLEASE DONT GO HERE

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Most people already know these schools are dodgy and just churn out useless qualifications. It sounds like you have hit a steep learning curve. Good luck with that.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #1194821

All schools charge room and board so I guess you can't go to no school .. Gtcc does to


Did you report this to the Proper Authorities? something needs to be done.

They probably owe a lot of people money. Its a shame how people go back to school to try and better themselves and get treated so unfair.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #916012

thank you so much i had enrolled however did not attend due to the bad vibe i received.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #915283

Hi I just read your statement about VC in Greensboro. if you can give me a call I think Ihave the corporate number.


As someone else has said, you are not charged for room and board. It is on your budget to calculate the cost of attendance.

If people would take two seconds to actually try and comprehend this stuff, we wouldn't get posts like this.

All of that being said, save some money by going to a CC.

to Anonymous #1248424

Indeed. I submit that if these folk were of normal intelligence, they wouldn't be attending these schools in the first place.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #880333

I am a student at VC now none of this is true. They are just a check grabber too bad .

I'M almost done yayyyy love my school!!!!! Gboro VIRGINIA COLLEGE IS THE BOMB!!!

to VC STUDENT Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #971159

U are an *** cause this school is for profit dumb *** and you cant transfer your credita ither and by the way your taking out a loan on the govt to pay them back so go to a community college which will cost like 90% less than itt tech vac and everst

to VC STUDENT #1248426

Good grief, I hope none of you are expecting a career which depends on the english language.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #847827

I would be careful by this complaint about the school and their inability to get information like this as the grammar is below what you would expect from an entry level college student and if they were able to post on the internet, then they should have also been able to get the corporate contact information from the internet and now wait for someone to give it to them.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States #791492

You are not charged for room and board. That is in the cost of attendance so that you can take out an extra loan.

If that were not there, you would only have room enough for tuition in the cost of attendance and would not be able to receive a stipend.

You also have access to your ledger through the student portal. None of this is hidden from you.

Jackson, South Carolina, United States #748653

go to a community college, you will be better off and have something that is not laughed at and resume thrown in garbage...

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #704067

Pay the brainwashed suckers no mind, OP. They'll learn the hard way.


You are insane I have got the most respect from VC and clearly you don't listen or can't read. We are not being charged for room and board it is just an area that is on the FA sheet.

I love this school the dean has always answered any concerns I have had.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #677808

We see you did not pay attention just going to VC for a check.They CLEARLY explained to us the reason that was on the ledger card and if you can read you will see for yourself we are not being charged for room and board. Ignorant people like you should not give reviews.

Doraville, Georgia, United States #677515

You are probably an *** that did not take the time to ask the right questions and only wanted a refund lol

to BS #1136621

Does anyone know the school federal tax # at Virginia college? Thanks a lot.

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