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This place is one of the most un-ethical "education institutions" Companies I have ever seen in my life. Not only is the place misrun by local management, the corporate execs have zero insight or experience in running a college.

The turnover is astonishing! The Presidents of all of the campuses are terminated every 9 months to a year. It's got to be the highest paid temporary position there has ever been! The salaries for some are well over 6 figures, and then the people who actually run the campus receive little to nothing above $20,000 a year.

You are forced to work on holidays, forced to lie to students, I have been to a great for profit college. Not all for profits are like this company. They have just had a massive layoff and only certain people were let go with no notice at all. Favoritism is an understatement for the campus I went to.

They have no human resources department so if you have a complaint, your only action is to tell the President, and only if he likes you will anything even be considered to help. This company is like a cancer to for profit colleges. These unaccreditted VC campuses have got to be shut down and the sooner the better! When I was in the cosmetology program for one year, there were 2 Presidents and two Deans.

The "Deans" do not hold any kind of higher degrees. The instructors cannot even speak correct English. It's just a joke and they take the students who are the worse off financially and leave them with nothing but huge amounts of debt, when the admissions recruiters promised such high salaries. A pharmacy tech and a cosmoetologist can only make so much.

VC promises thousands right from the start.

THe so called career services lady was drunk when she came to work and they allowed it to go on for the entire time I was there. I had to leave the college and I hope it's changed, but I doubt it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Virginia College Program.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I find that virginia college baton rouge is a joke.This so called instution is designed to rob poor people and more so they use african americans to cram this scam-of-an education down your throat.Bull****! Don't waist your time or effort if you are looking for an education.Get what you need from a REAL college people.Fight for you right to be educated!


Well, what a mess.... but what do you expect... as long as the poorer student keep thinking this place is doing them a favor, then they are doomed...

The student loan overload is coming just like the real estate market....

we get employees every month that have garnishments from student loans....

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