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Please sign my petition at the bottom to help make a difference for future students.

Education Corporation of America is a private educational establishment that is required to receive no more than ten percent of its income from Title IV funds (Pell grant, subsidized loan, unsubsidized loan, etc.) This is because recently the United States House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce created what is referred to as the "90/10 rule." It was intended to make sure that expensive private colleges weren't relying entirely on taxpayer dollars to fund their students. This in itself is a great step in the right direction, but this legislation has created its own set of problems.

The "ten money" that is not considered Title IV can come from only a few sources like non-Title IV loans, outside scholarships, and student payments. This has resulted in students being uninformed or misinformed about their Title IV requirements. According to federal regulation, a student must sit 60.01% of the total class before withdrawal in order to receive 100% funding. In addition, if a Pell grant is requested but not received before a withdrawal is complete then the school is required to send it back. Many students are not ardently informed of these policies, but instead expected to "read the fine print." If a student withdraws after tuition is charged, but before funding has been fully earned, then they are responsible for the remaining balance.

This misrepresentation has resulted in overwhelming balances for many students who have had to withdraw early for personal reasons. This is money that they are required to pay "out of pocket" i.e. "ten money." For students trying to better themselves by getting an education so they can find gainful employment, this can be a particular burden. This is especially unfortunate as attaining gainful employment is a primary reason to attend college in the first place. It has become clear that while the "90/10" regulation is a great stride forward, it cannot stand on its own because has encouraged deceptive lending practices.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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The problem is, as i see it, very clear. Any for profit school will be shabbily run, low earning teachers, forcing the failing students through just to keep them enrolled. Sending students out that have little to no training. Enrolling homeless people, yes homeless people! Why, oh why?! But they have senator's and congressmen in a headlock. Dumping massive amounts of money to advertise and recruit, but the students can't get their books on time. Please, for the love of God, do not let anyone you know fall into this trap. Unless you really, really hate the ***!

Lieutenant Cross

Beware, there be dragons here.


I can't personally do anything to help your daughter. Though I wish I could.

What you could do is contact your local better business bureau.

Maybe they can do something to help you. Good Luck.


my daughter was lied to she had to quit because they took all her money i need help please call 865-851-9789 rochelle evans

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