I admit, I was lured by the sales rep in the admissions department. They said the classes would be easy and could I make my schedule any time of the week.

That was not true. Only the academic advisors/directors could make the students schedules. When I tried to drop out a term for medical reasons, I had about 7 different dept. reps try to talk me out of withdrawing and wondered if I could postpone my surgery that came up unexpected.

The nerve. My advice, go to a public two-year college first, plus the credits transfer and they aren't hardcore sales people.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #639007

I am a former employee of Virginia College in Savannah, GA. The school is a joke.

The school has had 2 presidents and 3 deans since the school opened in June 2011. The administrative staff do not know how to talk to their employees, they bully the students regarding their attendance, and treat the students like little children. Students are rewarded with "rubber ducks" and "gold stars" if they have weekly perfect attendance.

This is ***. Students are adults and deserved to be treated as such--they need real rewards for accomplishing great attendance and getting excellent grades--perhaps a gas card or gift card to their local Kroger or WalMart.

to Anonymous #830959

If you worked there and were trained right then you would know that its illegal to reward "gifts" to students gor attending school.


education corporation of america owns virginia college and NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (NECB)

ECA president threatened senator tom harken

ECA has had lawsuits out the butt

ECA is owned by a hedge fund out of chicago

how much is a bachelors or masters degree worth when it comes from a diploma mill that also trains cosmotologists, cooks and nurses aids?

why doesn't the government ban all for profit colleges

all colleges should be either public or private non profits

how can we compete with the rest of the world is we have for profits like ECA handing out worthless degrees


If you can't find the people that work at VC, just check the closest bar!


Ok, so yes, perhaps VC has helped you get an education and a better career, but no more than you could have done for yourself if you had enrolled at a local CC - heck I now work for a private college and even our tuition is lower than that of VC. Also, the CREDITS WILL NEVER EVER TRANSFER - I know this for a fact - and I am NOT vindictive.

Leaving VC was the best decision I ever ever made! the Supervisors treat you like the dirt on your shoes no matter how well you do there or how many students you can get to enroll. I was NEVER able to take any time off for family events even when I had plenty of vacation time - I promise you on my life that all that most staff at VC care about is money and keeping their own jobs. You will graduate with nearly 30K in debt for a degree that will get you a job only making $10 or so max!!!


BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! Oh and I worked at 3 different campuses and they are ALL the same honey!

to former VC star recruiter #579268

I am also a former recruiter, and I fully support the above statement. They treat their employees like *** and their students even worse.

" Students First"? NOT so much...


I am a VC nursing student. Here is my take on things...

The program is new and somewhat disorganized however the school works very closely with the Alabama Board of Nursing and is compliant on all policies and follows protocol to the letter. They are accredited, however they are accredited as a private school not public. So, yes, you will likely have difficulty transferring credits from one institution to another if the latter is not also accredited through the same agency. In the nursing program you WILL be able to take NCLEX but at the present time you would only be licensed to practice in Alabama.

Once they have a graduating class, and they have all taken boards then the school will qualify to get national accreditation for their nursing program. You have theory, lab and clinicals that help prepare you for nclex. It is a new program so there is room for improvement. They monitor the students and progress of the program regularly to ensure that each student is given the tools they need to succeed.

As with any school you will have instructors that you don't mesh well with and you will likely have courses that you hate. The tuition is way too much, but for a working or single parent this school is a good option for nursing. They offer nursing classes at night and generally they try to arrange clinical hours for weekends to accomodate the adult student. Many other schools require you to get the LPN and be working as a LPN while going to school.

VC doesn't do that, they allow you to go straight for the RN, so all you have to focus on is making the grades and learning.

(some would argue being an LPN is better) It really depends on your individual situation. So, don't hate on VC completely, for some, this is the better option.


Hey Liar, if VC save your life, I can only imagine what you learned there to have a great Career.... It cannot be that great.

What we do here when a VC grad shows up with that worthless piece of paper, we laugh and tell them to take a hike.... back over to VC to ask them why they paid $30K+ for a kindergarden education.


I am also a former employee of Virginia College and would like to tell any one who wishes to attend there to please heed the warning about going. I am not vindictive because I now have a better job and more peace of mind after leaving the Devil's workshop.

I no longer feel the pressure of Virginia College supervisors standing over us like Hebrew slaves just waiting for us to mess up so they can write us up when they don't even know how to do our jobs and sure can't do their's. They are more full of *** than a Christmas goose and will not help you or do you any favors. I have heard them call the students "cash cows", because that's how they look at you. The only one's they get treated worse than the students are the employees.

Run away from Virginia College.

You will have better luck going to a community college. The education will be better, you will be treated better and you will get your check.


Who ever wrote this stuff, you need a life, if VC don't work for you then go somewhere else, as far as the VC Staff member that is no longer working there, it is a reason and maybe it's because you stuck!!!!!! Get a life, VC saved MINE!!!!

And I have a great Career!!!! :)

Columbia, Connecticut, United States #244366

As a former employee working at Virginia College, they strong arm students into enrolling into degree programs that are non-transferrable, including biology classes without labs! The VC schools are a scam and Education Corporation of America has fooled thousands of people.

The big shot executives are becoming rich off of Gov't financial aid, while students will never be able to pay back their massive debt. If employees don't make their quotas admitting students, they are bullied.

Instructors and academic staff are threatened and told their jobs are on the line if students drop from classes, even if a student has a death, surgery, or uncontrollable circumstances. This company of colleges needs to be shut down!

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