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I went in and was curious. They ended up talking me into getting student loans an attending.

Promising to help me get a job afterwards. The school was great i learned alot and the teachers i had were awsome. But when i graduated there was no help with getting a job. Itried on my own, but just coukdnteven get my foot in the door anywhere.

I busted my *** to get that degree. Worked 60 to 70 hours a week and going to school. And cant get a decent job. Year later student loans $45,000 hurts, taxes get takin.

Then one day i find out in 1999 some stole my identity and commit two felonies in my name, and it shows up in any background check. Now this school had to have known, and nobody ever mentioned this to me, they just took the money and after i graduate, f you, your gone. What can you do. Crazy part is the only way to clear my background is pay for a lawyer out of my own broke *** pocket.

Just goes to show no matter how hard some people try, for some people there is no hope if rising above. The american dream is truly dead

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Ummmmm you're an adult. Own the fact that you have an education.

You're not a victim. You made a choice to sign up.

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