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The day I enrolled in this college I enrolled with the prospects that I was going to change me and my family life and future. I have “2” degrees from this school since 2009-2011; my degrees are "worthless" I'm thousands of dollars in debt with the loans I had to take out. It's now 2016, I have NEVER!! Gotten a job in both my fields, through the years I have reached out to VC for help but I was only repeatedly told to continue to put in applications. So now that it’s 2016 they are saying “they can't help me anymore because I haven't been a student with them in over four years”.

One of my Degrees is literally "outdated", (Floppy Disk to Flash drives). I can update my degree but I would have to pay out of pocket. Since I can't afford to pay out of pocket, I went to a Worker investment source, whose mission is to invest money into people to increase employment and gain occupational skill. The Worker investment source said they would need my transcript to get started, ok so I contacted VC they told me to go to the student portal to retrieve my transcript.

I ended up paying $12.00 for my transcript to be mailed out, two weeks later when I finally received my official transcript, I anxiously went back to the worker investment source with the information requested they told me that they can’t help me because they are in the business of helping people without a degree. I explained that all I need is $1795.00 to get updated and certified and that yes I do have two degrees but for the time being the degree in management is deemed useless because of a lack of inexperience. My second degree is also useless because I’m not certified with limited experience.

I will honestly say that “I NEVER” felt as if I gained the knowledge, skills and proper training I thought I would receive, I was lost and because I went to school online I had no one to properly support me. The sad part about all of this is the fact that I was walking into the situation blinded while VC was fully aware that it was a strong possibility that I would end up stuck with No job and Loans. I’m quite positive someone knew this was going to happen because “I know that I’m not the first student this has happened to” and that has cried out for help and issued complaints.

I wish that someone cared enough to warn me but no one cared enough, I wish that someone there was selfless enough to advise me and other students like me. Truth is they won’t because they are only thinking of their career, family and future. As long as VC could follow the money trail I was leaving behind they would continue to lead me down a long path knowing that at the end I would fall off an edge. This school is in high demand mostly because of commercials (clearly not reputation) VC is racking in money through students but the problem is they have limited resources. I even tried to transfer my credits to another school and they said because of their accreditation I could not enroll using my 6 years of college course work, unless I stared all over with them. This is like a bad music deal or contract, you find out all the draw backs once you’re signed.

I had to set up a GoFundMe page as a last resort or throw away 6 years of college and two degrees; I’m trying so hard to no start all over again.

Thanks for nothing Virginia College!

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Liberty Hill, Texas, United States #1229774

Just think if you actually put in as much effort as what it took to get 10% of just 1 of your degrees. Do you think for a minute that someone is just going to hand you a job on a silver platter.

NO! I have never went to collage. Don't want to be in debt. Do you know what I did?

Of coarse not because you don't know me. I worked for myself cleaning houses, then I got myself enough money together to own my own business that I enjoy. I am happy. The moral of the story is, if you want something, then don't let anything step in your way.

Stop blaming the reasons why your upset and take some action and actually do what you want. Nobody is going to fault you for putting in the effort to doing what you want reguardless of if you have a degree or not. GET out in the work place and get a job. Then work yourself in to the position your wanting at the pay you deserve.

My wife did it and so can you. She started at Financial aid with ZERO experience 10 years ago.

She is not the Director of financial aid at the 3rd collage she's worked at since being in her field of employment.


Man I don't get how this *** is even legal.

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1131184

IKR they are legal and are selling pipe dreams everyday to hopeful students

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